Varsity Boys Tennis Season Ends at Region Tournament

Varsity Boys Tennis Season Ends at Region Tournament

Our Varsity Boys team represented us well against Mt. Paran (MP) yesterday in our Region tournament at Rome Tennis Center! 

All 5 lines took to the courts at 9:00am. There was excellent play and desire to win! Logan, John, Coby & Tyler took off quickly either commanding the lead or going game for game with MP. At 3 Singles, Cooper struggled to gain momentum, but never gave up…he was in every point but fell to his opponent.

Gary and Zach, at 2 Doubles, also fought to gain traction, but the Paran pairing didn't give up an inch, so now MP is up by 2.

About that time Logan, at 1 Singles, had been enjoying a strong and domineering lead and finished off his challenger 6 – 2/6 – 3 for our first win of the morning! Logan played with focus and intensity! Great job, Logan!

Then, Coby and Tyler, our daring 1 Doubles duo, finished off their adversary 6-3/6-1. They always look relaxed and in control and know how to read the situation and adjust their play accordingly! 

So, after an hour of play, John at 2 Singles, was the last man standing! The rivals were matching each other game for game! All eyes and cheers were on court #7. Each man would dig deep and take the lead from the other. The first set fell in favor of MP 4-6. The second set was as exciting as the first with long rallies, amazing hustle and seemingly impossible shots! Unfortunately, MP prevailed and won the second set 3 – 6.

The result: Mt. Paran Boys defeat our KRCS Tigers 2 -3 in the first round of Region play.

Overall, a great season! Thank you, gentlemen, for your sportsmanship, integrity and dedication to our team! Let's get stronger and come back harder next season!